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Our monthly Taizé Service: 1:30pm on the
last Saturday of every month


“In silence, God ceases to be an object and becomes an experience”

Thomas Merton (one of the twentieth century's most influential spiritual leaders).

No preaching, no teaching, no theology and very little talk. Nothing to get in the way of what God wants you to hear. There is just a simple service made up of short bible readings, prayer, and recorded chants (you can join in with these or remain silent; whatever makes you feel comfortable) …. and extended periods of silence.


It is calming, quieting, and spiritual; a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


Taize worship is an ecumenical type of worship. It originated in the small village of Taize, which lies in the southern part of France, by a monk named Roger Louis Schutz-Marsauche. Since its founding, the practice has spread worldwide. Its peaceful, contemplative nature has drawn millions from all over the world to practice this kind of worship.


Why not come along and experience it for yourself. Everyone is welcome whatever their denomination, whatever their beliefs.

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