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A place of Peace and Presence...

The Bush Chapel is an outdoor worship space that honours the original custodians of the land, the Garringai and Darkinjung tribes.

It was built by members of the Congregation and the Terrigal Men’s Shed and was dedicated in January 2009.
The Chapel provides a quiet and reflective place to experience the presence of God. It is also used for special services, for example, at Christmas and Easter.

You are welcome to come and experience the peace and presence of God in this special place.

About the Chapel...

In 2007 a member of our Congregation, whose child was on the “missing persons” list, had a vision. He saw a simple Chapel built in amongst the high gum trees on our Church's land; a bush Chapel. A place where people who had lost loved ones could come and rest, reflect and pray.

A group of men started to clear the land. They stumbled on a white cross in the undergrowth. Someone remembered 20 years ago a father whose young child had died tragically had meant to erect that cross on one of those high gum trees. Grief had overcome him and he had thrown the cross on the ground and ran….

Now that same cross with a new coat of paint is the centre piece of the “Burung” bush Chapel.


Why “Burung”?  We wanted to honour the original owners of the land, the Garringai and Darkinjung tribes. Oomera Edwards, an Elder of the tribe, was invited to come and sit with us in the bush clearing when the Chapel was nearly finished. She taught us to listen to the land and not the man-made sounds and to feel the earth beneath our feet and feel the warmth and strength of that rock.

“Burung” means shelter or rock.

We built on that rock.



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