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Your creation, O Lord, amazes me -

The stars that twinkle in the sky,

The planets revolving around the sun,

The galaxies beyond our comprehension

The Universe larger than anything we can imagine.

And yet there are cells and atoms so tiny

That we can’t even see them without technology.

DNA that holds the key to a whole person,

Is so small, and yet so important.

Who would have thought of this way of passing on characteristics

from father to child, mother to baby?

You knit me together in my mother’s womb, in secret.

How fearfully and wonderfully I am made!

Your creation is amazing!

We’re surrounded by your wonderful handiworks also.

We travel the world and marvel at mountains, rivers and valleys,

Beautiful beaches and headlands, gorgeous gorges, and stark deserts.

We see colourful birds, fascinating animals, huge whales in the ocean,

Fantastic flowers, and insects that pollinate them in many different ways.

The more we learn about them the more we are amazed!

Your creativity is just mind-blowing!

Your love and care for me is also wonderful.

In the universe which you have made, I am but a miniscule dot

And yet you love me!

You know every hair on my head, every freckle on my skin.

You have a plan for my life, and you care for me.

When an urgent need arises, you have already provided someone to help me,

and you point me in the right direction to find that person.

I see this time and again!

You provide for all my needs. I shall never want for basics

And you bless me beyond my wildest dreams as well.

I must say Thank You from the bottom of my heart!

I have seen you care for the tiniest, tiniest baby

And for my elderly mother as she neared the end of her earthly life,

And for so many at every stage of life in between.

How do you do it when there are millions to be cared for?

Your love and care are just beyond belief!

Your grace, mercy and forgiveness surpass all others, Lord.

Jesus gave his life for ME…… Wow! What courage that took!

You forgive me when I do wrong, because of Jesus’ sacrifice.

This, too, is undeserved and almost unbelievable,

But I must believe it – because faith in Jesus is the key to my salvation.

I know you have promised me eternal life with you,

And I look forward to that once I have run my race on earth.

I am the daughter of a King now! I am filled with joy!

Fill me with your Spirit Lord, fill me with your love,

And help me to overflow these to others as I share the good news with them.


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