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My Lord, I have turned away.

I've become my own lord, no regard for your Word.

I believe I don't need you, that I can do this on my own,

The joy I am making, feels alright to me.

Where did I go wrong? My life was fine.

I mean, some things didn't seem right,

But life isn't meant to be easy, right?

What do you mean this is ok?

Lord, I am sorry I turned away.

I literally ended up arrested.

I cannot do this on my own, I'm not strong.

I am weak with You.

Lord, let me come back to you.

Your forgiveness will let me live again.

I am only complete in you.

You only can save.

Forgive me my misdeeds oh God.

Forgive me for when I hate.

Let me love all those who have hurt me.

Let me Forgive, as You have forgiven me.


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