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Lord, you made yourself known to me since early childhood,

I heard your voice in the place of worship.

You spoke to me through hymns and psalms,

I felt your presence when I walked through nature.

You gave your all so that I might live,

It led me to ponder what I might give.

One so loving and kind and true,

I gave you my heart, my life, my all.

When I slipped and fell or wandered away,

You picked me up and showed me the way.

Like a good shepherd your arms carried me,

When trouble and turmoil was all I could see.

You laid out a path that my feet later trod,

And provided a partner to share the load,

Gave strength to walk in the way you led,

As I followed your path my soul was fed.

All through my life your hand has guided,

Strength and blessing you have provided.

I pray dear Lord you will help me to be,

Loving and kind to all I see.

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