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Always I wonder…

and I find it all too easy to reflect on the past

and wonder what might have been,

to mourn for what has been lost and

yearn for what might have been.

but to no avail.

I see my life has been shaped…

as a child by forces beyond my control

as I grew, by the expectations of others,

by parents, by school, by church and by culture,

but sadly, less by Your Spirit and I reflect

and yearn for what might have been.

Yet there is Hope…

for You make all things new,

even for me, and You set for me

a new path for my feet, and You

invite me to walk that path in the assurance

that Your way for me is Divinely Ordained.

And so, I journey…

learning that You do all things well,

not according to my timetable

or to my patterns or preferences,

but with the assurance that You go with me

and that my way is secured in You.

Your Invitation…

is to Life and thanks and praise,

and to Delight in You, that You might

bring to pass for me the desires of my heart,

those of which I dream, and those

of which I am barely conscious


And so, thank You…

I yield the throne of my life to You, and walk with confidence

that You, the Lord, of all Creation, of every Mystery,

draw me to Yourself, and to Fullness of Life in You

and to the completion of my life in You and with You.

Thank You. Amen.


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