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A Psalm of Praise, Thanksgiving and Supplication

Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord of all creation, the Great Father of humankind! Praise Him for His infinite love and goodness to us all.

Praise Him for His Righteousness; He alone is Holy and worthy of all praise.

Give thanks for the Lord's mercy and kindness; for His patience and long­ suffering; for His readiness to forgive when we come to Him in repentance for our wrongdoing.

He blesses His people abundantly day after day.

Lord, Your paths are the Way of Righteousness. Teach me to walk in Your Ways.

Holy Lord, even when I have strayed from You, You have called for me to return, You have looked for me, You have rescued me and carried me, as the Shepherd carries the lost and injured lamb back to the safety of the sheepfold.

Lord, don't allow me to take Your kindness and mercy for granted.

May I never forget that it cost You dearly to grant me freedom from my sin. Don't allow me to treat You like a casual acquaintance.

May I not neglect to read Your Word, where I can find Your teaching and Your comfort and healing.

May I heed the promptings of Your Holy Spirit and be ready and willing to do all that you ask of me.

You are my Saviour, my very life and I want to walk with You always, my trusted, Eternal Friend.

Lord God, I praise You. May all creation praise You! Praise the Lord!


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