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Maintaining our Faith

Over the last week, I have been looking at my vegetable garden. There are a couple of dead stalks from some sweet corn that we ate at Christmas time, and the remans of some tomato plants that we have enjoyed over the last two months, but beyond that there is only a forest of weeds.

I have not planted anything since October, because we were in the middle of that big dry, and my tank was running out of water. Now, after all the rain we have had, my garden is a jungle of weeds and I will need to start again.

Starting again can be hard work. It is not just gardening that this is true for. In our faith, sometimes starting again can be hard as well. If we have given up being involved in a small group or bible study, or even attending worship, getting back into things can be very hard.

Over the years I have spoken to people who have given up on going to worship and let their faith dry up. For them, starting again is very difficult. It is much easier to continue on than to stop and start. To maintain our faith through prayer, through worship, through small groups.Because our faith, like my garden, is at its best when it is maintained.

Over the next month I may need to put a bit of my spare time into my garden.

I know this: starting again will be hard work, but the benefits will be great.

Through my life I will try my best to maintain my faith, because starting again is hard work and the benefits of a life long faith in Jesus Christ are amazing and eternal.


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