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Kids Holiday Club 3rd of July 2017

Kids Holiday Club on the 3rd of July was fantastic!

We had 100 children looking at the story of Joseph and his amazing coat. We talked about love, forgiveness and how we are called to be kind to one another. We explored this through:

Godly play with our Minister, Reverend Richard Harris. The children each had a 30-minute session wondering and talking about Joseph, his brothers, and their story together.

Craft: where some groups created a colourful painted canvas, others a marble painting in a decorated picture frame while the teens learnt how to create a weave and weaved a colourful wall hanging. All while looking at the bible verse Colossians 3:13 – Forgive each other as Christ has forgiven you, and talking about how Joseph forgave his brothers.

Food art: The younger groups created wonderful fruit kebabs and Cheerio necklaces, to remind them of the colourful coat and to eat once they got home.

Games: This is a fun 30 min session of circus games with our wonderful performer Grant. The children get to use his varied equipment and try to master games such as plate spinning and poi twirling, juggling, hoola hooping, and much more and also playing other fun games during the session.

DVD: all groups watched an age appropriate movie that gave an animated story telling of Joseph and his coat.

Face Painting: All the younger groups had an opportunity to have some face painting (By Sarzi Face Painting) done while having a jump on the Jumping castle!

During the day we all enjoyed a morning tea of home-made cakes, cookies and slices and freshly cut fruit, and for lunch we enjoyed hamburgers with slices for dessert. Even though the day was packed full of fun activities, the children still enjoyed some free play time together after lunch.

Over all it was a fun day, we thank the numerous volunteers who help make Kids Holiday Club the fun that it is! We look forward to our next one on Monday 25th September, in the next school holidays!

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