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Moving forward

Over the last 4 years we have had the mission goals of Teaching & Learning and Children’s & Families. The emphasis on these 2 areas has guided our church as we have developed new programs and planned for the mission of our church.

Although these have been our goals, that has not meant that other areas of mission have been neglected. We have a very active senior’s ministry and with some of our children growing into youth we have now started to develop our youth ministry.

Our congregational focus areas have guided the direction of our mission and planning, however it is now time for us to re-evaluate these areas. Last Sunday you will have received a brochure with 8 areas that we could consider choosing as our mission goals for the next 3 to 5 years. You can also view this here.

I would like you to prayerfully consider what you believe are the 2 areas we should emphasise as we continue to plan for the mission and growth of our church. There will be a vote in the coming weeks for us all to express our opinion on this.

I look forward to seeing where God will guide us into the future.



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