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A new space for our littlest members!

We are currently looking at doing some renovations. Over the last 6 to 12 months the children's area in the worship centre has become more and more crowded, and there are still a couple more babies due to arrive in our church. Thus, we have the wonderful problem of overcrowding in and around the children's crèche. In light of this, we are working towards expanding this area, with plans being drawn up to move the sound desk out to the back corner of the worship centre, whilst expanding the crèche into the current sound room.

We are fortunate to have children in the life of our church and I love the way children can move in and out of the crèche and into the area in the front left corner of the worship centre. It is a privilege to have this kind of problem to deal with. Let us continue to pray that we can effectively minister with our children and families and that this area of our church continues to grow.

If you want to ask questions about this renovation please talk to one of the staff or church councillors.


Richard Harris

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