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Minister's Message - Sunday 12th March

From Darkness to Light

John’s Gospel looks a lot at darkness and light. In this week’s reading from the gospel of John we see Nicodemus coming to Jesus in the dark, probably a bit embarrassed to be seen with him.

Nicodemus is only seen two more times in the Gospel of John. At the end of Chapter 7 he defends Jesus in in a meeting of the Jewish leaders, reminding them that they cannot condemn Jesus without him having a hearing, and after the crucifixion at the end of chapter 19, when all the disciples have run away confused and in fear, Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea take Jesus’ body and bury it with respect and dignity.

Nicodemus walks a path from dark to light in Johns Gospel. From meeting Jesus in fear and embarrassment in the dark, through to publicly supporting Jesus and finally acknowledging him even when others have run away.

May our faith, too, walk into the light, openly acknowledging Jesus and not hiding in the darkness.

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