At the end of September, our leadership team met to consider returning to on-site gatherings. The unanimous decision was made to return from October 11th.


This decision, as well as the safety measures outlined below, will continue to be reviewed on an on-going basis.

Our 8am and 9:45am services will continue to be broadcast online for those who do not feel comfortable returning to gatherings at this stage.

What to CONSIDER WHEN attending worship
  • Register for the service via our registration page (this needs to be done weekly)

  • Do not attend if you have any cold/flu symptoms

  • Bring a Bible, pen and paper with you if you want to read or take notes, as we will not have them in the seats

  • Bring any drinks/food that you or your children will need as the kitchen will be closed



Registration and information gathering

Each week, we will add upcoming services to our events page. Please register for the service you will attend so we know how many people to expect. In the unlikely event that we reach our allowed limit, we will need ask people to participate via the online broadcast instead of in person.

As part of the registration process we will ask you for contacts details (name, phone and email). Even though we might have these details on file, we are asking you to enter these each time you RSVP to a service. This will allow us to print off a list of those attending and should help speed up the entry process. You will also be asked if you are happy for us to keep these details on file for future contact. There is no pressure to say yes, and if you decline your information will be deleted after 28 days as per government regulations.

Entering church

When you get to church there will be people to greet you as usual, however this will be a contact-free greeting and there will be no news sheets handed out. You will need to have your name marked off the list, and you will be asked to confirm if you are sick (which includes any cold/flu symptoms) or have traveled overseas in the past month. If you answer yes to either of these questions we will have to ask you to participate in worship online rather than in person.

If you have forgotten to register, you can still turn up, however places may be limited. We will need to give priority to those who have booked online, so we may need to ask you to wait until the service starts to see if there are any spare places. We will also need you to fill out a form with your details so we can add them to the attendance list.


Face Masks

In accordance with government regulations which recommend wearing face masks in places of worship, we are also encouraging you to wear a mask when attending church. 


When it comes to virus transmission, singing is currently classified as high-risk (similar to coughing or sneezing) and therefore churches are being strongly advised to avoid this activity. We will still have music in the service, but it will be either performance based, or in an on-screen worship video. You are welcome to hum, dance, clap along, or just sit back and enjoy the music.  



We will receive communion, however this will be a slightly altered process which takes into account COVID safe food-practices and social distancing.


Morning Tea/Dinner

For the time being no morning tea or dinner will be served after church, so you might like to head down to a local coffee shop or restaurant to catch up with people after the service. We will continue to re-evaluate this as restrictions are eased.



We have the seats set up in groups of 2 with the required 1.5m between each set of seats. This will allow couples to sit together. Larger households are welcome to pull multiple sets of seats together, or to sit one household per pew, so long as the 1.5m distance is maintained around each group.


Social distancing

Please make sure you keep the 1.5m rule with anyone who is not in your household. Unfortunately, that means no handshakes or hugs for now!


Passing the peace

Given the no contact rule, we will not be passing the peace in the usual way. There may still be a place in the service to turn and say hi to each other, but it we won’t be able to move around during this time.



Instead of passing around the offering bags, there will be a place near the front door for you to drop in your offering (or use the donation point facility) as you enter or leave the worship centre. Of course, you are also welcome to continue your giving online or via EFT.



We have implemented a COVID-safe plan which will allow us to resume Kids Church at our 9:45am service. Unfortunately we will not be able to run kids-church at our 6pm service for the time being. Please remember to bring your own food and drinks as we will not be able to provide refreshments.


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