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July 1st

Small groups can recommence

If your small group would like to start meeting at your home, or in the church building, you are welcome to do so. Each group will need to have their own safety plan and adhere to the actions in the plan, such as social distancing and food sharing. It is also possible that your group will need to meet in a different room in the church if your group exceeds the allowed people limit for your usual room. Please talk to Deb in the office if you will be meeting so she can go through the safety plan with you –

Kids and Youth Groups recommence

Our kids and youth groups will now meet in the church building each Friday night. Dinner will be prepared in our commercial kitchen according to food-safety guidelines. If you are planning to attend, please contact Craig and Emma –


Other ministries and groups can recommence

If you run a church ministry and would like to start this up again, or if you would like to hire the building for an external organisation, please contact Deb in the office –


July 19th

6pm service recommences

We are starting this service a couple of weeks before our other services for a few reasons. Firstly, we want to give people the opportunity to get back to the church building as soon as possible, and as this service will not be streamed we are able to manage this sooner. Secondly, the majority of this congregation fall into a low risk category for COVID-19. And thirdly, it will give us an opportunity to establish and practice a process for this new style of worship.

The 9am online-Sunday service will continue to be made available until the 8am and 9:45am services return.

If you are planning to attend our 6pm service, you will need to RSVP via our events page on our website each week. This is to ensure we do not exceed our allowed people limit.


August 2nd

8am and 9:45am services recommence

We are excited to welcome all of our service back to the church building on August 2nd. We are aiming to eventually live-stream both of our morning services, so that those who do not yet feel comfortable returning to a group setting can continue to participate online.


The transition from our current pre-recorded service to a live broadcast is technically complex and will be a big learning curve for everyone, especially our tech and sound teams. We ask that you please be patient with us as we set this up, and expect a few bumps in the first few weeks as we get used to the new system! While we will aim to stream both services from this date, we may need to start with the 9:45 and include the 8am after a few weeks.

If you are planning to attend our 8am or 9:45am services, you will need to RSVP via our events page on our website each week. This is to ensure we do not exceed our allowed people limit.


August 4th

Tuesday Service Recommences

We will aim to start this service on this date, however there are a number of issues to consider in order to ensure the safety of this congregation. Our pastoral care team will communicate more information about this service closer to the time.


What to expect

Although we can start to gather in person again, we still have a number of restrictions in place which means that to start with, church will look quite different to what you’re used to.

Here are some of the things that will be different:



When it comes to virus transmission, singing is currently classified as high-risk (similar to coughing or sneezing) and therefore churches are being strongly advised to avoid this activity. We will still have music in the service, but it will be either performance based, or in an on-screen worship video. You are welcome to hum, dance, clap along, or just sit back and enjoy the music.  



Due to food safety concerns, serving and receiving Communion safely will be a challenge. We are considering some possible options, however given there is no simple solution, the church Elders have decided to postpone communion for the month of August. This will be discussed in more depth over the coming month, and further information will be communicated to you later in August.


RSVP-ing and information gathering

Each Monday, we will add the following Sunday’s services to the website on our events page. Please register for the service you will attend so we know how many people to expect. In the unlikely event that we reach our allowed limit, we will need ask people to participate via the online broadcast instead of in person.

As part of the registration process we will ask you for contacts details (name, phone and email). Even though we might have these details on file, we are asking you to enter these each time you RSVP to a service. This will allow us to print off a list of those attending and should help speed up the entry process. You will also be asked if you are happy for us to keep these details on file for future contact. There is no pressure to say yes, and if you decline your information will be deleted after 28 days as per government regulations.


Entering church

When you get to church there will be people to greet you as usual, however this will be a contact-free greeting and there will be no news sheets handed out. You will need to have your name marked off the list, and you will be asked to confirm if you are sick (which includes any cold/flu symptoms) or have travelled overseas in the past month. If you answer yes to either of these questions we will have to ask you to participate in worship online rather than in person.

If you have forgotten to register, you can still turn up, however places may be limited. We will need to give priority to those who have booked online, so we may need to ask you to wait until the service starts to see if there are any spare places. We will also need you to fill out a form with your details so we can add them to the attendance list.


Morning Tea/Dinner

For the time being no morning tea or dinner will be served after church, so you might like to head down to a local coffee shop or restaurant to catch up with people after the service. We will continue to re-evaluate this as restrictions continue to be eased.



We have the seats set up in groups of 2 with the required 1.5m between each set of seats. This will allow couples to sit together. Larger households are welcome to pull multiple sets of seats together, or to sit one household per pew, so long as the 1.5m distance is maintained around each group.


Socially distancing

Please make sure you keep the 1.5m rule with anyone who is not in your household. Unfortunately, that means no handshakes or hugs for the time being!


Passing the peace

Given the no contact rule, we will not be passing the peace in the usual way. There may still be a place in the service to turn and say hi to each other, but it we won’t be able to move around during this time.



Instead of passing around the offering bags, there will be a place near the front door for you to drop in your offering (or use the donation point facility) as you enter or leave the worship centre.



Due to rigorous COVID-19 cleaning requirements, we are unable to have our usual toys available for children to use during worship. For this same reason, and also due to social distancing advice from the Uniting Church Synod, Kids Church will not run until further restrictions are lifted. If you will be bringing kids to worship, please bring your own toys as well as food and drinks since the kitchen will be closed.



What do I need to do before attending worship?
  • Register for the service via our events page (this needs to be done weekly)

  • Do not attend if you have any cold/flu symptoms

  • Bring a pen and a Bible with you as we will not have them in the seats

  • Bring any necessary toys/drinks/food that your children will need

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